So when Tanya decided to open a business, the name Mamota was a no brainer.  Mamota is a very dear nickname her beloved father used to call her since she was a child.  After searching for words that would complement the name, Creative was just the perfect combo and so Mamota Creative was born.

Tanya loves to work with resin and other mixed media.  They give her the freedom to mix, experiment, and use different textures to accomplish her envisioned designs.  Her inspirations for her work come from beautiful things she sees in nature, geometrical shapes, colors, textures or even listening to music are what drive her to create.

Her luxury art is found on wall art and on functional objects used at home such as ring dishes, decorative boxes and cheeseboards just to name a few.  Her line includes home decor and homewares.  You can collect them all!

Olive wood with resin art and gold purple dragon fly - Mamota CreativeRound wooden ring dish with hot pink stone - Mamota CreativeGold jewelry box embellished with seashells and gold waves effect - Mamota Creative

Tanya is not only married and raising two kids of nine and five, Sophie, the cat, and Panzer, the dog, but also runs all aspects of her business.  These include supply and customer orders, production, product photography, product entry, operations, marketing, social media, branding and even local delivery.  It is this reason that keeps her focused on making one product at a time and not mass produce.  So when she creates a piece, it is as one of a kind and luxurious as great quality handmade demands it.

 Although you can collect her unique and luxurious art on her online store, it can also be purchased in person during markets and other events she participates in around her local and neighboring states.  She personally loves this setting for she gets to meet different people and get instant feedback of her product line and brand.

 So if you live in New Jersey don't hesitate to visit her at that local market event around your area.  Nothing would make her happier than to meet you, the  admirer of her art.