A Heartfelt Journey: From Your Resin Artist's Hands to Your Loving Home

A Heartfelt Journey: From Your Resin Artist's Hands to Your Loving Home

From Your Resin Artist’s Hands to Your Loving Home


Resin Art for Your Loving Home

Acquiring a handmade treasure, whether through social media, local craft fairs, or my online small business fills me with pride and joy. At Mamota Creative, we embark on a heartfelt journey from vision to reality, crafting each masterpiece with passion and dedication. As your resin artist, I take immense pride in revealing the intricacies of this enchanting process that culminate in the creation of your most beloved home decor.

1. From Vision to Meticulous Sketches

The journey commences with a vision—an idea that materializes into an intricate design, carefully transferred from my mind to paper, and then meticulously sketched onto the chosen canvas. My craft revolves around the addicting world of resin art, and the process of bringing these visions to life is a harmonious blend of artistry and skill.

2. Filling Each Piece with Love and Dedication 

Resin artwork color sketch of “The Blue Mask” - Mamota Creative

But let's rewind a bit. The preparatory stage is a crucial foundation for the exquisite end result. Whether it's a wooden board, a tray, or a lazy susan, each piece demands precise preparation, sometimes requiring meticulous sanding to achieve a flawless surface, while others are carefully primed to optimize the medium's potential. Before I proceed, I attentively shield the artwork from any accidental resin drips by carefully taping its sides or bottom, preserving its integrity.

Taping the underside of the substrate before resin - Mamota Creative

 3. Preparing for the magic

With an assortment of supplies at hand—cups, stirring sticks, torch, heat gun, color pigments, glitters, and embellishments—I submerge myself in the process. As a responsible artist, safety is eminent, and the appropriate gear, including a full face respirator, gloves, arm guards, and a scrub, ensures the safeguarding of my well-being during the resin-handling process. 

Prepping colors to mix with resin - Mamota Creative

4. A Piece of My Heart Shared With You

 The creative process unfolds gracefully, characterized by precision and artistic flair. The canvas is prepared, and the resin is skillfully mixed and poured, layer upon layer, to unveil the art's depth and complexity. Filling the piece with texturizing embellishments, I gracefully guide the resin using the heat gun and torch, resulting in captivating patterns. Each step is filled with love and dedication, ensuring every detail is just right. I then cover my work to initiate the curing period. The waiting game overflows with excitement, much like the anticipation of Christmas morning, as it finally reveals my creation.

Heat gun making patterns on resin - Mamota Creative

 5. Embracing the Story of Your Handmade Treasure

With each passing day, the artwork evolves, adding depth and character through layer upon layer. I eagerly await the curing process, meticulously checking for any imperfections. If necessary, I pour the resin again, striving for excellence in every intricate detail. This determined pursuit of perfection may extend over several days.

Pouring a clear resin coat - Mamota Creative

6. Adding Alluring Complexity to My Art 

As the days progress, I add intricate detail lines and additional embellishments, infusing the artwork with alluring complexity. The journey culminates in applying a clear coat, enhancing its radiance and beauty. It's a beautifully coordinated process of creation that demands both technical skill and artistic intuition.

Drawing lines on resin artwork - Mamota Creative


7. The Care and Craftsmanship Behind Every Piece 

But the journey doesn't end here, as I take great care to ensure your art piece is a flawless expression of my craft. The underside, sometimes the artwork itself, receives careful attention, requiring skilled sanding to impart seamless edges, erase any trace of drips, paint, or oil the piece if required. Once its full potential is achieved, the preparation for its photoshoot commences—a moment of celebration that captures its essence for the world to see.

Flawless edges - resin geode artwork - Mamota Creative

8. Capturing the Essence 

Now, the moment of delight arrives—we capture the essence of my art through photography. With love and patience, I style each piece, using props to highlight its unique beauty and functionality. I want you to see its full potential and fall in love with it, just as I have. Then, the best shots are selected to grace my website, accompanied by detailed product descriptions and prices that reflect the craftsmanship poured into every creation.

Handmade decorative tray with geode resin - Mamota Creative Cutting serving board with resin art - Mamota Creative

9. From My Heart to Your Home

And then, it happens—my art finds its way to your heart. When you place your order, I'm overjoyed! Preparing your treasure for its journey to your home becomes a labor of love. Each piece is meticulously packed, surrounded by care and protection to ensure safe transit in the reliable hands of postal carriers.

Unboxing - Mamota Creative

10. Your Handmade Treasure's New Home

When it finally arrives in your hands, I'm filled with warmth, knowing that something I've poured my heart into will now bring joy to your life. I take pride in knowing that my art has found a loving home with someone who truly appreciates it. Embracing the story of your handmade treasure is an honor. 


5 star review - Mamota Creative

11. A Shared Sentiment

As you cherish your Mamota Creative handmade treasure, I hope you can feel the love and dedication woven into every step of its creation. It's more than art; it's a piece of my heart that I share with you. Thank you for supporting my passion and allowing my dream to come alive in your home. From the depths of my heart to yours, thank you.

12. A Community of Craftsmanship

So, remember, the journey of creating these resin art pieces is not just my own; it's a sentiment shared by many passionate artists in this craft. We pour our hearts into each creation, hoping to bring joy and inspiration to your lives. So as you display your unique resin art in your home, know that you're part of a community that values the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade treasures.

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