Tanya Purdon: Resin Artist and Founder of Mamota Creative

Tanya Purdon founder of Mamota Creative

In 2019, I, Tanya Purdon, established Mamota Creative, a small handmade business, right from the comfort of my home in Jackson, NJ. As a wife and mother of two wonderful boys, I take great pride in running this female-owned venture.  From design to photography of the finished products, from handling shipping to managing social media, and even meticulously attaching rubber feet to our beautiful resin art coasters, I am fully involved in every aspect of the business. Today, Mamota Creative remains a thriving female-owned and operated small business company.

As a resin and mixed media artist, my artistic journey has been entirely self-taught. Despite having a background in accounting, my true passion has always been in interior design, art and DIY projects, which have shaped my identity. Through exploring these interests, I stumbled upon the captivating realm of resin and mixed media art. Creating custom decor pieces to harmonize with my home's aesthetics and infusing vibrant colors through resin art to match specific themes brings me immense joy in enhancing my living space.  Mamota Creative embodies my deep love for artistry, creativity, and the commitment to beautifying my environment. This journey has been truly remarkable, and I'm thankful for the unwavering support and encouragement from my customers and the community.

In the words of a one-woman show, "Success is not defined by the size of the team, but by the depth of passion and determination in one's heart." Thank you for being a part of my story and supporting my vision as we continue to thrive and create beautiful art for you and your homes.