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White and Gold Resin Artwork with Crystal Quartz Accents

White and Gold Resin Artwork with Crystal Quartz Accents

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This beautiful 8”x8” White and Gold Resin Artwork with Crystal Quartz Accents is a striking centerpiece for any room. Its combination of white resin and gold accents gives it a marble-like look, while the beauty of crystal quartz, delicate glass elements are reminiscent of an agate stone. The addition of pearls and intricate gold line details add elegance and texture to the design.  This artwork can be hung gracefully on your wall or displayed on an easel as a captivating tabletop accent. Its versatile charm makes it perfect for any setting, whether you're seeking a focal point for your space or an elegant touch to your decor.  Indulge in the art of marble and agate with a contemporary twist that radiates sophistication and beauty.

Proudly handmade


Crystal quartz points
Faux pearls


8” x 8” x 0.75” - 1.75”

Care Guide

  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Wipe with microfiber cloth and glass cleaner
  • Handwash

Please refer to our complete guide here.

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Commission Inquiry

If a product is sold out and you would like another one just like it, contact us here. Please understand that the nature of this art does not allow the artist to reproduce the exact same product. That is the beauty and uniqueness of resin art. On the other hand, please know that she will do her best to recreate it as close as possible, using the same colors, materials, embellishments and techniques to achieve its likeness.

Please note: Although extreme care is taken during the resin curing process, small imperfections such as dust particles, minute bubbles, or resin dents might still be found on the resin artwork. These imperfections will become part of the personality and uniqueness of that specific piece.

Due to monitor variations, the colors of the artwork images on the website may differ slightly from the original art pieces.

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